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Become a Provider

Thank you for your interest in participating with Sunshine Health. We are excited that you selected our provider network as your network of choice. If you are interested in joining our network call toll free 1-866-595-8116 or to request a contract use our Contract Request Form or email us at

As a Sunshine Health provider, you can rely on:

  • A comprehensive approach to care for your patients through disease management programs, healthy behavior incentives and 24-hour toll-free access to bi-lingual registered nurses
  • Initial and ongoing provider education through orientations, office visits, training and updates
  • A dedicated claims team to ensure prompt payment
  • Minimal referral requirements and limited prior authorizations
  • A dedicated provider relations team to keep you informed and maintain support in person, by email or by phone
  • The ability to check member eligibility, authorization and claims status online
  • Healthcare collateral for your patients (e.g., information about our benefits and services) and educational displays for your office


For more information on becoming an Ambetter provider, please visit our Ambetter website.

Streamlined Credentialing for Medicaid Providers

The Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) has created a streamlined application, or Limited Enrollment, for providers who do not hold a Medicaid ID and need to complete basic credentialing which may be a prerequisite to seeking a contract with a Medicaid health plan.

With the implementation of Limited Enrollment in December 2015, providers seeking to participate in a health plan’s network have the option to utilize a web-based Limited Enrollment application wizard which guides them through creation of the application. The streamlined application and corresponding review process allows approved providers to receive their Medicaid IDs faster than with traditional full enrollment.

Upon receipt of a Limited Enrollment application, AHCA will perform several basic credentialing functions, including licensure verification and review of background screening history, including criminal history and federal exclusion database checks.

Successfully obtaining a Limited Enrollment status with Medicaid may eliminate the need for providers to undergo the basic credentialing with each plan with which they seek to contract and may reduce the time it takes for a plan to complete credentialing with a health plan.

NOTE: Assignment of a Medicaid ID does not guarantee a place in the network of any health plan. Each plan may apply their own standards for provider credentialing beyond what is required by Medicaid.

Limited Enrollment is not an option for providers of services to fee-for-service recipients. Fee-for-service providers must seek traditional Full Enrollment in order to directly bill Medicaid for reimbursement.

For those providers of services solely to recipients in a health plan, Limited Enrollment is a valuable option.

How do providers submit a Limited Enrollment application?

Providers will be able to submit a Limited Enrollment application through the Public Web Portal.

What does Limited Enrollment capture?

The Limited Enrollment application captures all demographic information, licensure and exclusion databases verification and background screenings in compliance with Affordable Care Act provider screening requirements.

When will Limited Enrollment be available?

Limited Enrollment is available now.

How often does Limited Enrollment need to be renewed?

Limited providers will be required to complete a renewal process every three years, similar to the current renewal process for Enrolled providers.

How does Limited Enrollment affect Provider Registration?

Providers that go through the Limited Enrollment process do not need to “register.” Registration should be reserved for the use of health plans to obtain Medicaid IDs for non-participating providers.


Who should apply to become a Limited Medicaid provider?

Limited Enrollment is an option for providers who will only be paid by a health plan. Providers who wish to submit claims directly to Florida Medicaid for fee-for-service reimbursement should apply for Full Enrollment.

Can a Limited Medicaid provider bill fee-for-service?

No. Like Registered Medicaid providers, a Limited Medicaid provider cannot bill fee-for-service claims.

If I am Registered, do I have to become a Limited Medicaid provider?

Registered providers are not required to seek Limited Enrollment but can choose to go through the Limited Enrollment process. By meeting the additional credentialing elements included within the Limited Enrollment process (such as background screening), providers may experience additional efficiencies when seeking credentialing by health plans.

If I am a Limited Medicaid provider, can I later become an Enrolled Medicaid provider in order to bill fee-for-service?

Yes. Limited Medicaid providers can submit a new application to become an Enrolled Provider.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions about Limited Enrollment?

Contact the Provider Enrollment Contact Center for additional assistance at 1-800-289-7799, option 4.


What provider credentialing functions will remain with the health plans?

Onsite visits, proof of education, training and work history will remain with the health plans along with any additional criteria as determined by the plans.